Fields of expertise – our main fields of practice

Investment funds

Aiming at guaranteeing the effective handling of the investment process, we provide legal support for Venture Capital and Private Equity investment funds and business angels as well as entities which invest in seed fund R&D projects. Focussing on the mission aimed at the development of modern undertakings, we engage in preparing comprehensive transaction documentation – from a term sheet, drafting and verifying an investment agreement, amending articles of association, through participation in negotiations, to securing intellectual property rights. Usually, the whole process is preceded by advisory related to creating a legal structure for joining a company by an investor and conducting legal due diligence.

Legal support in this field requires from us a flexible approach and combining competences from the area of corporate law and intellectual property law with knowledge on commercialisation and legal aspects of the financing of investments.


We create a legal background for innovative undertakings so that law is not an obstacle for them but an accelerator on the path of their development. We support the development of cutting-edge ideas, making sure that their shape and form is encased in an appropriate legal structure and form. We provide support to entrepreneurs who begin their business activity by helping them in establishing companies, creating a capital structure at the stage of entering and exiting investments and supporting them in negotiations with investors.

When handling capital transactions with start-ups, we conduct legal due diligence, prepare term sheets, investment agreements and partners’ agreements as well as provide post-transaction support at the stage of investor’s or founder’s exit from an investment.

We help start-ups to find investors by using cooperation with investment funds and multiple platforms accelerating start-ups and by treating networking as an added value. We provide advice on every development stage of a start-up, which enables us to use proven, yet always tailor-made legal protection mechanisms.

Agreements in economic transactions

Many years of professional experience allow us to provide innovative advice for different sectors of economy. As specialists, we understand business specifics of our Clients and thus we can develop solutions which consider the reality of today’s market which our Clients face.

When determining the assumptions of a specific agreement, we undertake to draft the agreement and adjust its provisions to the existing legal situation. We support our Clients not only at the stage of agreement verification or negotiations of its wording, but also at the stage of performing the agreement and enforcing the stipulated provisions, especially those immanently connected with executing rights to claim receivables due to our Clients.

In addition, we suggest to our Clients the use of appropriate security of their receivables and rights resulting from transactions made, which will allow them either to avoid the necessity of claiming them in court proceedings or to shorten such proceedings to a minimum.

When analysing an agreement, we pay attention to legal risks created by its conclusion by preparing 
a list of remarks to our Clients and indicating ways to mitigate such risks.

We are open to the needs of our Clients and thus we can prepare tailor-made solutions which respond to those needs.

Dispute resolution

Handling court disputes, which are an integral part of conducting business activity, constitutes one of problematic fields where we try to provide our Clients with on-going support. Each time, before we start helping in resolving a dispute, we try to determine its root causes and identify trouble spots which can occur as a result of getting into a given dispute. When possible, we aim at reaching an amicable resolution of a dispute by offering support in negotiations or undertaking mediation. We advise on solutions which can result in an alternative end of a dispute. In cases which require court participation, we represent our Clients at every stage of the proceedings. Cooperation with renowned law firms around the world allows us to provide our Clients with support and representation also abroad, in other national jurisdictions.

Economic crime

One of the aspects of our activity is constituted by comprehensive legal services in cases related to economic crimes, in particular white collar crimes, as well as criminal and fiscal proceedings of an international nature, including the so-called carousel frauds. We act without delay in every crisis situation, offering our Clients immediate advice and support.

We provide our Clients with regular legal support connected with preventing – or if possible – mitigating tax risk of instigating criminal proceedings.

Well-established knowledge regarding the functioning of capital markets enables us to effectively prevent the risk of our Clients being exposed to criminal or criminal and fiscal liability.

Project financing

Together with our Clients, we build foundations for the development of their dreams about having own business. In order to scale innovative undertakings, we support our Clients in the process of acquiring additional financing, connecting founders with business angels, investments funds or launch platforms accelerating the development of start-ups. We help start-ups in ensuring next financing rounds and finding investors which guarantee smart money. In order to ensure a versatile choice of financing sources to founders, we conduct a comprehensive review of acceleration programmes and programmes offering support to entrepreneurs. This allows us to describe the specifics of given programmes and participation terms and conditions and thus to choose the most optimal source of financing.

Intellectual property management

We actively advise our Clients on managing the intellectual property rights portfolio and we also provide a wide range of services regarding the protection of copyrights, know-how and transfer of technologies. We also help in obtaining patents for inventions and registering trademarks, utility models, industrial designs and geographical indications as well as internet domains.

On behalf of our Clients, we negotiate and draft agreements regarding copyrights, including licence agreements, software delivery agreements, right acquisition agreements and agreements on managing common rights.

We conduct legal audits of licence agreements and intellectual property rights agreements by verifying adopted solutions in terms of legal compliance.